In TriCosmic we nurture and develop your ideas. We believe in making your final product the best of your expectations. Developers here are trained to understand the process to convert an inspiration to a live image. We like to begin with grasping your idea and then we accumulate each and every requirement concerning your project. 



We begin with analysis and acquire information, which includes statistics if required, but how all this impacts the overall process of development? By following these specific steps we become able to adopt the right stack of technology and approaches that fit your unique business needs and goals.


Development Process

Layout mock-ups selection follows up right after the evaluation phase, where clients selects the best option that sits well with their requirements. This is where our clients’ idea begins to shape up into a long lasting product.


Mobile app Development

Phones with cells have very short lives and making the right apps decisions for them to be more useful is one of our specialities. Our robust and thorough QA process ensures that our every product has been road tested and ready to go. We kill more bugs than a hilly hunter.


Website Development

Not only we build stunning and purposeful websites/web-apps, we tend to build them in a way that’s maintainable and scalable.

Custom Design:
Get the precise look and feel you wish. Cookie cutters are for baking, not building websites. Work with a team of experienced designers who perceives your business wants and can bring your vision to life

Mobile first design:
Fully responsive and optimized for mobile using Google’s latest guidelines. Deliver an exceptional experience for your shoppers that is engaging and easy to navigate.

Give your customers the absolute best user experience possible and watch your lead volume skyrocket. Higher website accessibility means higher Google ranking. If your brick and mortar locations are ADA compliant, your website should be as well.

Custom Software Development
There are clearly benefits for both custom software and “off-the-shelf” solutions. By selecting custom software development from TriCosmic, you’ll fancy diverse advantages of a custom system, tailored specifically for your business. TriCosmic presents a unique service package to suit your needs and wants.