Logo Design

Project: Brand Identity

Business Nature: Craft Club

Project Brief

May, the client, has asked for an identity to be developed for her craft club workshop spaces -she currently has 3- she rapidly expanding and wants strong and recognisable identity that will appeal to not only her current group of crafting friends and club members but she also wants to break into occasion events markets (hen do’s/ birthday/ school groups/ new mothers) in doing so she hopes to encourage more people to take up crafting as part-time and learn more skills as part of a growing community.

Attractions & Challenges

May has also asked to come up with new name as crafty club sounds a bit too young and might alienate people if they think it’s only for children. She would like a name that better encapsulates what the crafting spaces are trying to achieve.

Designing an identity for Craft Club was an exciting project to take on as it promotes artists in general. The idea behind the craft club is to revive the handcraft culture and design a space to encourage and support artisans or anyone interested in DIY activities.

Our Approach

Our envision was to create something enticing and captivating in somewhat unconventional visuals. So we began with understanding of what attracts artisans and their approach to their work. However, we had to keep in mind that the brand is looking to create identity for all kind of DIY artists and based on this point we had to analyse behaviors and patterns for identity to sit well on all artisans together.

Creative expressions can be communicated through any medium and designing an identity to relate to all DIY artists was a challenge to overcome. We realised that all competitors’ sense of style are usually in the form of calligraphy or some kind of labels. So a competitive audit helped us in setting boundaries to avoid any similarities with competitors.

Through our lateral thinking we discovered one path in which we considered the lifestyle of artisans instead of their craft. What we usually come across with artist is that they love minimalism and simplicity. We thought that the minimalism would be a good blend with Arabic traditions which supports the Brand name ‘Bazaar’. We suggested Bazaar as their brand mark to indicate that every type of craft is welcomed.

The style of photography was art directed to capture materials in a distinctive manner. Photography of unused materials with clean environment supports the idea of minimalism. We also determined a point of angle while photographing to compliment logo and custom-made iconic typeface.

The choice of colours in contrast to Logo was introduced in photographed visuals, purplish-blue and orange with a balance of neutral white colour, to encapsulate friendly and approachable feel from the midnight club.

From visuals’ style, custom-made iconic typeface and choice of colours has defined the tone of voice for the brand to be minimalistic, abstract with incorporation of Arabic traditions. An approach that a craft club never seen it before.

Constructing and implementing design from wall posters campaigns to web banner and mobile app, helps the brand to reach out and welcomes all age market. Futuristic and simple identity gives customer curiosity to what the brand offers and eventually gives them a boost to discover their inner creative skill.