Project: Brand Identity

Business Nature: Online Pet Shop

Project Brief

A couple, Alex and John, are an animal lovers. They are always in the hunt of pet products from different stores. In their animal loving community they sensed a frustration of not having pet related products at one station from which the couple discovered a market gap. So they began to think for a startup based on an online pet shop concept where a pet lovers can have access to adopt pets with their products availability at one place. Their target audience was to attract young generation where pet adopting becomes a common and indispensable practice in life.

Our Approach

Since the target market is given, we did research based on the competitors and their digital presence. From competitive audit we outlined a criteria to search for a new creative direction. From criteria we discovered a one interesting route out of many was that the pet curates beautiful stories with their caretakers. A visual language that supports the story element concept will set the tone of voice for which how the brand will be conceived by public.

Using tails for visual language is driven from the method of pets expressing their feelings through their tails. For pets, tails are their mean of communication with their caretakers where they express their happiness by wagging their tails or even by cuddling. A way of rescuing both, the owner and the pet. Tail can be a symbol of innocence where there is nothing hidden and feelings are expressed instantly. So initially we thought of ‘Tail’s Tale’ but later we came up with better brand name ‘Fairy Tail’, which is a combination of two concept, story and communication.

After many iteration and refinement we all settled with the logo mark style for which it included the choice of correct typeface for friendly feel and how the logo will be giving the visual hint of tail. The logo style is rolled out into a visual language by playing with illustrated tails and making them pop out of sides. The use of tails and positioning brings the fun element to the brand. This visual language is applied to a website and stretched to various posters with thoughtful tone of voice.

The website design process was taken forward by identifying the sub sections and its significance. Through this process it enables us to suggest creative titles for each segments to support the brand strategy and to form a tale for our young minds. So for the second section on the homepage where the user fills the form and answers up to seven question is visually presented by keeping the user engaged and fun. And to have a little spin for the form segment it is titled as ‘A New Story Begins’. The website is also has a mobile friendly version where nowadays most of the tasks are dealt through smartphones.

The similar web approach is applied on posters in terms of visual language and taken forward with interesting catchy lines to build a tone of voice. This elements brings the whole branding together and gives parents and young user something to enjoy.

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