Project: Website Development

Business Nature: Travel & Tour Planning

Project Brief

Günstiger Reisen Reisebüro GmbH are travel providers with local and many online themed portals related to travel and holidays. They work with over 140 tour operators.Their team can help you with vacation packages, cruises, vacation apartments, hotels, flight schedules, travelling packages and tour plans with absolute reliability. They provide you with the optimal and best possible tour plan in your budget.

Origin and Targeted Audience

Günstiger Reisen have their headquarters in Berlin, Germany.The targeted audience for them are the people in that region who wants to travel by facilitating tourism and guide people with the best tour plans.

Attractions and Challenges:

Main attractions for choosing this project was the complexity and vastness of the whole searching and optimization of information that we need to provide user in an easy and proper way. The main challenge was to tackle the complex algorithm that was used to show the maximum optimized results to user by minimizing the time cost. Data fetching and speed optimization was also the challenging part to be handled, which then was customized according to the project needs. The API’s that have been used by the white-label site(data fetching site) are paid, so our main target was to fetch the most accurate results. Whenever someone search something, a request is sent via API to white-label site and client (website owner) is charged per search result. However, if the required result didn’t fetch against that request, the cost for that goes all in vain. So we have to make a search program efficient enough to fetch most relevant and accurate results.

Recommendations and Suggestions:

The website was first built in simple HTML, CSS and Javascript using the simple search algorithm, which was not optimized and the data fetching was slow, so the overall appearance of the website was dull. Our client wanted us to go with the same theme and algorithm but we want to make the site work better with search optimization. So we tried to convince the client that the overall performance can be improved by using certain frameworks and API’s, which will optimize the results and give a pleasant user experience. We also want to make the site with minimum risks, transparency and secure code. Before there were different developers working and only one developer can work at a time as the code was scattered and rough, also the search was not advance. Our main purpose was to educate the client of having a common interface for the code so that developers can work simultaneously and also the code will be safe, so project.

Used Technologies:

The main technologies that we have used in this project are as follows:

  1. PHP
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3
  4. jQuery
  5. SCSS
  6. JSON
  7. Javascript MVC (Model View Controller) Customized infrastructure
  8. GitHub
  9. Lazy Loading
  10. Gulp.js
Reasons for Choosing Above Listed Technologies:

We tried to make sure that our client does not have to pay any extra cost for the required requests and for that we have implemented a very advanced search algorithm, which makes sure that every request show the desired result with maximum optimization. We have implemented our own customized Javascript MVC for optimal and steady search. We have written user friendly and optimized code for both mobile and desktop version of application to give user a smooth experience.

After implementation of Git the time saved, code was optimized and error free and also it helped to save the resource cost. JSON format was implemented to show data in a string form. As the backbone of the project we have made reusable components, that are easy to use and can be used anywhere in the code. We used SASS as it also helps to keep things organized and allows you to create style sheets faster. Gulp is used to minify the SASS and JavaScript, it also compresses the code.

Important Part:

We have implemented neat and commented code so that later modifications will be easy, even in the future if someone else is working on the project then client doesn’t have to invest all over again.