Logo Design

Project: Digital Design

Business Nature:

Project Brief

For over 200 years, Mercury Logistics services have been connecting Australians market – As the world evolves, so do they – building new services to meet the changing of the global community and the environment.

Mercury Logistics understand their business operations have an impact on the environment and understanding these impacts pushes them in finding new ways to improve. This means minimising resources and identifying avenues to create innovative services for customers, the world environment.

The brief was to design an Energy Performance Profile that addresses sustainability plans and energy goals. The requirements were:

  • The profile is 4 double page spreads, cover + optional case study.
  • Focus your initial layout development on the cover and one spread
  • Upon approval, you can continue the style across the rest of the document (using Mas & Character Styles).

The challenge was that through grid, typography, image cropping/styling/treatment and color— how we can create a sense of consistency, rhythm and pace, without being repetitive.

There were specific Client Requests that we had to follow were:

  • NO TREES! They are a leading logistics firm not Greenpeace. Nothing cliched is requested
  • If we use imagery then we need to source our own—and given freedom to experiment to help communicate the underlying theme.
  • Make the Information easily digestible and engaging.
  • This is not an Annual Report, it needs to be full of personality and show an understanding of the outlook.
Our Approach

According to brief and clients request, we outlined the pain points and set a criteria to identify a sense of direction. While designing or ideation process this criterion was a reference point to avoid certain elements like trees and anything cliched visuals related to logistics. We also highlighted few keywords from the brief to help us drive the process of ideation.

Usually the reports or profile is more known for presenting data driven information and the document is often designed fairly plain. Portraying data visually through info-graphics makes the document interesting. Forming a visual language that sports their company’s product along with info-graphics styling and body copy layout was an interesting challenge to take on.

The project was taken forward by deploying creative research and design-thinking process to identify the visual solutions for the brand. Sieving through a pool of ideas to propose the most accurate and suitable concept is usually a crucial point to define a visual style and tone of voice.

The approved concept was based on delivery location points (colourful circles) and smooth curves for eco-friendly manoeuvres. This visual supports the theme, which was smooth, movement and forward thinking. Choice of colours was carefully selected bringing a fun element to the profile. We also applied the visual style onto info-graphic elements to support and have a unity in design.

Layout of body copy required initially to understand the information provided. This helps to break the information into section and gave us freedom to play with positioning. From styling, sub-sectioning, positioning to columnising the information techniques were applied to make the content easily digestible and engaging.

Conceptualising personality for a profile and supporting the information delivers what the brand promises. Altogether it brings joy for reader to effortlessly comprehend information.