Web Development

Project: Digital Design

Business Nature: Football Accessories Stores

Project Brief

S-Team is a highly developed and newfangled Saudi Arabian Brand for sports clubs. It was introduced in 2018, using the slogan of Being Unique to bring three sports clubs at one location and working at the same site. S-Team is driven by authentic brands to withstand in this progressive industrial sports market. It promotes a variety of sports brands with an aim to understand client’s demands additionally to regard individual interests in this diverse society.Identity for Bazaar craft club, which brings back the tradition of handcrafts and DIY along with supporting all kind of artisans. Identity for Bazaar craft club, which brings back the tradition of handcrafts and DIY along with supporting all kind of artisans.


Sports are commonly observe by all ages, especially of those of more youthful age extend, they most commonly tends to observe a football match of their respective team. S-Team design is based on their audience mindsets and viewpoints. In order to reach targeted group recurrence and receptivity, S-Team provides up to date information.

Enchantment and Challenges

Other than the brand S-Team itself, the main attraction of this project was to develop a multi-store website that caters three international known brands hosted under S-Team domain. However, as the requirement was to develop a store for S-TEAM, it also required an expert in Magento 2 platform who could manage and deliver with utmost quality of code. One of the biggest challenges, which attracted us to be part of this project was to develop three separate sports club stores, Al-Ittehad, Al-Hilal and Al-Ahli, that comes under one domain of S TEAM, to perform as multi store website.


A project of this scale generates innumerable number of tasks and require multiple developers to work simultaneously to meet the deadline. They required a system to regulate the quality of the code efficiently and keeping that in mind we suggested a platform called GitHub. GitHub offers all of the distribution version control and source code management functionality with ease, which helps multiple developers to work simultaneously on the very same project and yet have control, ability to track and review the code quality from the platform. For further code optimisation we used Gulp JS library to compile the LESS and JavaScript modules and minified them into two files.

To have a good managing task tool we suggested Jira platform, where all members of the team and client can interact and allocate tasks directly to their desired team member. This was one way of keeping the project transparent, productive and mitigates confusion.

  1. HTML
  2. LESS
  3. CSS3
  4. Javascript
  5. jQuery
  6. Gulp.js
  7. Node.js
  8. GitHub
Our Approach

The project came to us with a brief requirement that they want to build a S-team web store for three 3 different brands. After a thorough discovery session we realise that what they really require is to have 3 web-store operating under one banner, S-team. For this specification we designed the developer friendly architecture where we built a three separate themes for each store according to Magento 2 standards. The benefit of having three separate child themes was that every store is using there own allocated CSS and were not loading any unused CSS, JS and other codes. So we designed the structure in a way that it helped to place code in their own web-store modules, which helped the website to be efficient, clean and lightweight. Because Educating Clients with the latest technology and best solution is where we seek pleasure in.