Project: E-Commerce Store

Business Nature: Ceramic Cups

Project Brief

SIP imports – is an online store that covers range of coffee cups, tea wears and accessories specially made for cafes. Their store is based in Australia. They have products with multiple colours configurations. They also deal with the wholesalers to  wholesale their products. They have sign up option on the site with which wholesalers can interact. 


The attraction in this site was the variety of payment methods required to be installed and to be optimised. As the store was based in Australia, so we had to cover almost all major payment options available in Australia. Payment methods covered in this site were credit card, PayPal, Afterpay, EFT Transfer. It was our responsibility to make sure that the task of installing a payment method on the site is highly secured and if any one of them has any loop hole left then it can cost the company a lot.

Our Approach

The target in this project was to build an online store on shopify platform that displays all of their products impeccably. Shopify is an online eCommerce platform that allows a person to build a store online and also provides options to sell through social websites. Simple Stores on Shopify doesn’t need much of development knowledge and can easily be built online. But when it comes to an advanced and larger eCommerce stores with configurable products and bundle products, it becomes complex and inconvenient for an inexperienced software engineer.

Our top priority is to satisfy our clients with our final product, which must meet the expected quality of our client’s requirement along with design and development standards. Google page speed guidelines were always followed throughout the development process of this website, which resulted in high page speed loading.

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