Project: Website Development

Business Nature: Jewellery Smith

Project Brief

TDN is a New York based store that provides shopping for jewelry in general but known for providing a simple solutions for engagement and wedding rings. With over 20 years of experience, TDN Stores are unique as they efficiently operates a jewelry business with an experienced team on regular hours and full-time craftsmen with skills and knowledge to offer.


So, the main task in this project was to build a web store that provides all possible services available in their physical stores. TDN physical store offers a variety of options in a single product line, and there are roughly 40 different categories altogether, where every 10 falls under one line of products. Altogether the number of products goes up to roughly 540. 

The main request of the client was to build “Customized Order Page” where any user can find and place their order with every possible service that TDN offers. Every customer has flexibility to decide which material to use from a range of given options like gold, diamond, platinum etc, and also can choose the number of  Karats of ring he/she wants. From ring size to colour, thickness, option for engrave and many more specifications are narrated to us to make a functional feature on the site. The finishing of the ring can also be customised from a number of given options like shiny, soft brush, mixed brush, sand stone, satin, matte and hammered. You may choose the ring size not only for you but your spouse as well from a given size guide. A person can also request to engrave anything   on one or both rings.

So with such requirements and customized options, we had to build the functionality of web-store based on Magento 2. The challenge was to build the provided design within Magento. We made sure that all the requirements of the customer were fulfilled without creating the overhead to the website. Website load time matters a lot on e-commerce stores, so we have to make sure that the user doesn’t get any sense of delays during their visit and to make things available to them at first hand. So we reduced the load time with help of the guidelines provided by google page speed guide documents and that improved the overall performance of the website.

Payment methods are most important functionality on online stores, considering this we tried the best possible solutions according to Client’s requirements. The payment methods of this website includes simple money order payment, bank transfer and credit/debit card payment methods. This website also contains three different checkout methods. Customer can checkout using Paypal and also checkout through Paypal credit. Overall our aim was to give TDN users a seamless and pleasant experience to achieve the best conversion results.