Project: Editorial Design

Business Nature: Production Company

Project Brief

Arslan Sulaman & Usman Nosher ventured a production company called Zero Cut Films for over 2+ years now. Their expertise stretches from commercials, wedding films, corporate communication video, and video campaigns for Pakistan based clients. The company has designed several campaigns for diverse clientele, from major corporations, nonprofit organisations, universities, museums, advertising and public relations agencies, to national sports franchises, and many more. Zero Cut Films were looking for a printable booklet to showcase their services in an interesting and unorthodox style. They reached out to us for their project

Our Approach

Working closely with film Production Company was an exciting project and gave us insight to address their concerns in relation to design and what really inspires them in the creative world. Having artistic eye from both end, our client and us, formed a collaboration where articulating our initial concept wasn’t a challenge for us.

However, pleasing imaginative rich minds, our client, can be sometimes challenging as to inspire them but in this case we made sure that we collaborate with client to exchange ideas with refinements along with setting the tone for the brand. The locked graphic elements used on the cover was to combine two concepts by symbolise the dial of camera lens and the video timeline strip in contrast with red rotated box and centre dot to portray a feeling of focus.

The choice of colours was given by clients which we had to smartly play with as red and black are strong tones. In layout design we made sure the tones are not too over powering but creates tone of voice for bold and sharp theme. The balance throughout the layout is managed by keeping enough white space to make the information fun and digestible.